The Outset Studio – Animation / CGI

Slide 2D Product Visualisation


 We’re the Outset Studio, a design company who produce high quality, creative animation and 3D imagery.

We will explore your requirements in-depth to make sure we have a great understanding of your business and the message you wish to portray. This allows us to create stunning animations to captivate your audience and elevate your product, service or brand.

We develop clear and creative storyboards for clients to easily understand. From this we can use our expertise in 3D or 2D animation and create videos to engage with your audience to bring your message to life.

We produce high quality 3D renders / CGIs of your products, ideas and architecture. Our visuals help you go to market when you haven’t got that finished product to photograph.

We are based in Warrington, Cheshire which is just a stones throw from Manchester and Liverpool. We work with a range of clients based in the Northwest and across the UK.

At the Outset Studio we are passionate about creating captivating animations and beautiful visuals to elevate your products and brand.

Our services include 2D & 3D Animation, Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, 3D Visualisation, CGI and 3D product Renders.

In all our services we increase your potential engagement with your audience.

We use our experience and expertise in 3D or 2D animation to create videos to bring your message to life. Our high quality 3D / CGI imagery will become a strong marketing asset to help you sell your message.